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  1. my mate silly brought a gun from Special Airsot supplies for £700 plus mags almost £1000 spent and it didnt work. Was taking about it at a site and two people near us over heard and said they been conned by him too. What a rep that guys got

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    2. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      he aint a total scammer, just a c*nt who doesn't actually have most the stuff he lists as in stock. meaning people have to wait ages until he's got enough back-orders to order it or the closest he can find from china. half the time he gets it wrong. people don't google first, and he has some stuff in stock so enough success to keep him running

    3. Hef Legend

      Hef Legend

      one of THE worst reatilers ever, so many people have had issues and claims against him. Simply doesn't have stock of items, even if you email and ask if he has, you'll never get it. A few people have even made personal visits to his shed (where he runs it from apparently)

    4. two_zero


      never heard a good word about them

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