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  1. BLOODY UK CUSTOMS AND PARCEL FORCE!! Brought element PEQ and Combo side light for around £60 from Ehobby, customs stung me with £11 Vat fair enough Parcel force £14 Admin Fee!!! Ouch

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    2. Finius


      If you're smart you can get out of the parcelforce fees. Use your google-fu and trust in the force young padawan...

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      The Force is too strong in Parcel FORCE - they FORCE you to pay or lose it, plus they just pick a admin figure AND VAT on top - I just paid customs duty ffs

      Oh go back and get the sender to write a letter or invoice amount send it to our head office and we will look into perhaps - btw you only got 2.5weeks before we send the item back to sender - high pitched force - ok I pay it coz you got me by the balls and I NEVER told you to pay it on my behalf

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Oh and it is getting worse with customs checking stuff from overseas - they are trying to cut down on fake goods coming in so will be checking more stuff much closer than before I was told

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