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  1. So this evening i met the guys from B.L Tech. tested out the Gun Noise Sim. I think its a game changer. Full write up to follow.

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    2. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      I've never seen that but this one being produced by B.L Tech is an M203 which produces the sound. From the animation it appeared to have a bolt on it or something that is moving back and forth. They're also supposed to be working on an LAM unit.

    3. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      No,TM used a sh*tty speaker system. BL tech use a propane powered system that produces a bang instead of a piss weak royalty free stock gun shot sound from a crappy chinese made speaker.


    4. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Oh yeah, on the VSR...eugh! Sounds like some kids toy

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