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  1. lol really sorry for that, I'm in the process of packing up a house for a move to Canada, and thought any messages here get an email notification, so didn't check-in last few days... Anyway, I do have an offer for the lot, so definitely can't take the TM out of it, but as it's not complete yet, things can change. I'll know more on Friday. 😘 all
  2. Thanks everyone for your insights. Amber it is then. @Rogerborg cqb is indoors, and quite dark where I play. Cheers
  3. Hi all After my FMA fan-assisted-goggles died on me 2 hours into their first game, I'm thinking about trying the Pyramex I-Force. Only question now, as in the title. Anyone tried the amber and can recommend them over the clear lens? FWIW, I play 70ish% outdoors and 30ish% CQB. TIA
  4. OK, so after doing a bit more reading, I think the right gas for me would be the Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a. Only possible issue is the cold weather? If anyone thinks this is a mistake, please let me know... Edit: Just saw Lord Elpus' reply. Thanks
  5. I'm still a noob, what's considered a strong gas? I saw two types of gas mentioned; Green gas and dust (?) gas. Also, Nuprol are doing a 1.0 Blue gas, aimed for plastic guns, will that do OK for the Gold Match?
  6. Hi everyone. Sorry if this has been posted before, I searched but couldn't find an answer. The time has come for my first secondary piece, and after doing some research, I'm inclined to buy the TM Hi Capa 5.1 Gold Match. I am, however, unsure as to which gas is best for this gun. I'm not looking for the highest possible fps and would prefer to keep the gun's wear and tear to the minimum. Any advise will be much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the patience and explanation. Much appreciated. I'm already trying to think of a cover story to tell my wife so I can buy a TM HK416D, a bit of a challenge, but hopefully I'll manage to pull it off
  8. Thanks for the info. I contacted patrolbase and asked them to change the order to the Firehawk. As you suggested, I'll probably change the barrel sometime in the future. He did, but wasn't completely convinced. It's the big variety that makes it confusing and difficult to decide.
  9. OK Just found @Sitting Duck's post regarding the FFR A2. Shame I didn't consult here prior to ordering, I thought all CM16s are internally the same... Anyway, as the order (with patrolbase) is still being processed, I guess I can still contact them and change it. Are you guys adamant that it's a bad choice? As I mentioned, I'm after a short-ish version of an M4 for my son. Should I just change my order to the Firehawk? Is it not too short? No sacrifice in terms of range/accuracy?
  10. OK Thanks everyone. It was a close call between the two. I let my son choose, and he preferred the G&G CM16 FFR A2, as the Firehawk seemed a bit too short. I hope it will prove to be a good choice. Cheers
  11. Read the thread about Gunfire. With the .co.uk domain I thought they were UK based. I'll stick to patrolbase and other UK vendors. Thanks
  12. I also prefer the looks of the CM15 over the Firehawk. I don't know how to downgrade the CM15. Hopefully links are OK here; found it here: https://gun-fire.co.uk/product-eng-1152216145-CM15-KR-CQB-8-5-Assault-Rifle-Replica-Black.html My criteria is quite flexible, I want an M4 variant, preferably on the shorter and lighter side, as it'll be for my son. Would be best if it's something that shoots good enough straight out of the box and reliable enough to not break down after just a few games. As for mine - also an M4 variant, preferably full metal. I'm not too picky, but, down the line, I'm planning on getting the TM HK416D Devgru Custom.
  13. Thanks for clarifying this. So Firehawk it is then.
  14. So, about to order either the Firehawk or the CM15 KR-CQB 8.5” Couple of questions about them, please: This would be my son's and we don't plan to play CQB. Would the Firehawk perform OK in terms of range/distance in a field game (compared to a std CM16 Raider)? Would the CM15 KR-CQB's 400fps be within the limits for UK sites?
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