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  1. god damn it, with all the tweaking i can possibly do, I get 30-50 fps in game but when I get to a close firefight or dangerous situation, my fps drops to 20 or below which really screws me over in fights, might stick to sniper.

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    2. AK47frizzle


      Alright then, i'll try to update my drivers. And cheesy, i'm not going to stick with bf3. With further testing, DM maps are fine and I can achieve 30-40 fps, biggers maps with paracel storm i got 19-20 fps.

    3. Undieing_Lust


      What card are you using? Make sure that your drivers are up to date and also what are your temp's? as your card gets close to its TJ Max it will start throttling back clock speeds to stop damage to the card. Thermal protection would have kicked in when you hit your TJ max, and shut down the card. But by the sounds of it thats not the problem you have. Just to be sure thought I would say. :)

    4. GiantKiwi


      Thanks cheese, but it looks like i'll get completely ignored on this one :P Not like I do it for a living or anything...oh wait.