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  1. What's with M14's not fitting people's playstyle? Are they unusually heavy/awkward? I'm planning on getting a cyma m14 socom and weighs at around 3.5kg which isn't that bad.... what's the deal here?

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    2. Nickona


      There are lots of real world reasons why M14s are heavy a lot don't translate to airsodt


      But the Socom your talking about is like a CQB M4

    3. Adam3088


      Just remembered that I've also held a G&P(I think..) M14 with a wooden stock, more manageable then the EBR as the weight was better balanced along the guns length, but still a bit awkward.

    4. TacMaster


      I've had a go with a TM classic M14 before. Pretty pointable, not too uncomfortable