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  1. Well, the guy didn't turn up at the place we were gonna trade for the Tm glock 17. Really quite pissed as today is the last day of school but; I bought 3 go bars, 2 of them were destroyed by friends, one of them broke my key ring chain, then that guy kicked me right in the nuts and I was on the ground for 15 min, then the other guys started playing piggy in the middle with my go bar which i needed to eat, then during technology, one arsehole took off all my complicated configurations on m...

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    2. Jamin1510


      You could still be 18 and at school if you're in your second year at Sixth Form

    3. Tariq


      Well he's talking about his mum buying his rifle...

    4. Jamin1510


      True, although I play with a few serious airsofters that are only 15/16 but still they would just buy their stuff themselves online anyway

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