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  1. Well, trading my AK for a TM glock 17 tomorrow. Had a chat with him today and the specs are: 260 FPS, CO2 powered, plastic slide but it's TM, so it'll be good. I'll be happy with it. And also, getting the GR26 in a few days after my mum give approval in the next hour.

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    2. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      His AK has a CYMA GB in it,so maybe thats the reason.

    3. Zak Da Mack

      Zak Da Mack

      oh yeah, forgot about the gearbox change. Good luck

    4. AK47frizzle


      damn it, he forgot to take the gun with him to the place we are going to trade.... tomorrow then.... definitely tomorrow....

      And yeh, I have an upgraded CYMA AK gearbox in my crappy DE exterior.

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