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  1. hmmm.... my AK47's gone wierd for the better maybe... after replacing the piston cylinder and o-rings with new o-rings and a cylinder, I squeezed out more FPS due to the better air seal. But I noticed in semi auto, when I was aiming precisely at a wooden clip, I slowly squeezd the trigger to about halfway and a burst of BB pellets came out. I tried it again and realised it was full auto... so now I can so semi and full on the same mode!

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    2. AK47frizzle


      what... i've never bought a gun from jbbg. And would you shut your yap, i've just suffered for 2 weeks and each day walking for 10 hours uphill, i don't need anymore of this sh*t, if you wanna argue, go piss off and do it elsewhere, i'm not having it

    3. AK47frizzle


      and just yesterday, i just climbed 5 munros in the storm and hail, try to understand the pain i went through

    4. Zak Da Mack

      Zak Da Mack

      Awesome, please don't do the guilt trip thing. It's embarassing

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