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  1. The desire to go skirmishing tomorrow is strong .... but this man flu is getting stronger... again ..... *#@& thing won't go away!!

    1. Defender90


      It aint "man-flu" it's real flu, or at least a rather heavy cold. It's a bugger.

    2. sp00n


      It's been odd, normally I get all the flu symptoms hitting me at once, then 24hrs later I would be fine. What ever I have now, each symptom has come on, one at a time, but now it's left me feeling crap, nose bunged and a coughing up crap, and it's into its second week :angry:

    3. Defender90


      I was gonna say give it a week but... well, bomb it with lemsip, vitamins and berocca is all I can say.

      Know what you mean about coughing up crap, I'm still bit rattly.

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