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  1. so my dad was having a tidy out and he's found my old gat gun ... bonus!!!

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    2. Airsoft-Ed
    3. sp00n


      basically "pop out" airpistols or gat guns. they work by spring, firing the whole barrel forward, until it hits a end point stop, and with the resulting momentum pellet is ejected out the barrel .... pain to recock (when i was little) and reload (you have to cock it before you can reload it), very inaccurate, loads of kick ... but a whole lot of fun. to be honest i don't think you see them much these days, as they are not very powerful at all. ill try and take a vid at the weekend...

    4. sp00n


      i may have embellished alittle/alot on the kick front .... its not what i remember :(

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