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  1. I can see my threads still going strong after all this time haha. My dream cars still the skyline. But now I've got a motorbike which is also quite fun.
  2. Trousers: You must have really small legs haha
  3. Sorry for the double post my phone went into retarded spaz mode...
  4. Those shirts are not socially acceptable...
  5. Those shirts are not socially acceptable...
  6. Me and my dad fixed my pinto the other day, bought disks and bushes. Fitted them over about an hour. And saved about 100 quid we just jacked the car up
  7. Loving the tactical pink bed sheets and the granny dresses nice load out though
  8. You could probably fix those problems yourself
  9. You probably fix those problems yourself
  10. You two will be killing all the bad guys no mag
  11. My sister had an s2000 and it was a great car very nippy
  12. Nismo skyline r34 grt nur ztune
  13. Met a girl on psn who's actually hot Skype beeyoth she Swedish too and she my bro
  14. Also I'd fit recaros and 4 point harnesses and a roll cage
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