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  1. 6 years using hobbyking, and now they are refusing to refund me £38 after they cocked up an order. Now got to wait until the 4th August to escalate the Paypal claim -.-

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Bastids - wtf happened sir, sent wrong stuff, wrong dimensions or just ripped off with moofy or no goods ???

    2. cyrexx


      I don't think Hobbyking know what customer services is.


    3. GiantKiwi


      They've refunded me now, but still won't be using them again. Basically, their system autofilled my address wrong, went to try and change it before it got shipped and got told, I needed to pay extra to do that. So I cancelled and asked for a refund, which they claimed to have done, but in fact hadn't, and only bothered to refund me when i put in the paypal dispute.

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