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  1. After playing on BF2:Euroforces for a bit, I'm getting incredibly tempted to buy a G36C, Norwegian camo and Brit PLCE. Damnit, this is why I hate gaming...

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    2. GhostWolf


      Lol same goes here being playing Black Ops 2 and fell in love with the Kriss Vector and after more research made me want one to replace my MP7 lol :)

    3. Hubert


      This is why I think there should be some kind of rule - airsoft OR FPS/ any kind of shooter games. Not both.

      Pick gaming, and you're free to play whatever you want - just don't go near airsoft. Pick airsoft, and for the rest of your like you're stuck playing Farm Simulator.

    4. Rock-climby-Dave


      *please note, there is nothing wrong with Farming Simulator, especially when played with friends...... oh god, the hours wasted :P

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