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  1. Got paid for a few painting commissions and sketches I did recently. Suddenly tempted to buy a WE L85 GBB. Anyone know if they've improved since they first game out?

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    2. M_P


      Even the AK? That's impressive.cost saving if theyve managed to do so- would probably save a lot of r&d.

      Their Europe representative have shown of pictures of the mp5 stating it will be released within 6 months too. So expect it out in mid 2016 ;)

    3. Hubert


      Hmmm... having read various reviews (and talked to someone who *used* to own one), I'm now confused lol. No idea if it's worth it or not.

    4. Hubert


      Although I do like the look of the MP5 they're working on...

      Should anyone else have any info regarding the L85 (or know where I can get one cheap! :P ), give me a heads up.

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