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  1. 417 package £375 with a magic box FTK

  2. 417 package £375 need gone asap

    1. Monty


      No early bumping please. :)

  3. i'm on the look out for a support weapon pm me


  5. Nvg's for sale in gear section make me an offer

  6. Price drop on M14/M21 body kit lookin for quick sale

  7. is that the beast richard hammond rolled when he tried a 'Scandinavian flick'?
  8. Heres some pics of in my Dpm/Od gear just need a camel back and i'm set The guns are We pdw and a G&G m14 ebr
  9. number of grains x .06479891 = number of grams number grams / by .06479891 = number of grains
  10. lol Yer totaly agree as a target shooter who own's a FAC i can tell you even with a gas Air soft rifle there would be no way on earth you could get it any were near the 12ft/lb legal limit (if you dont own a Firearms cert) because unless your using 8g bb which is about the avarge weight of a .177 pellet the force could not be applyed due to fixed velocity rule/ terminal velocity rule anyway....... i think by definition its no longer (Air soft?) plus to get the same sort of power as an air rifle or pcp would require thicker seals for a start as well as a whole mess of other upgrades i cant be asked to list it would be cheaper to buy a .22/5.5mm and bore the barrel for 6mm but even then weight/grain of the load will determine speed
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