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    THE TM MWS thread

    Hey guys and girls (maybe?), I will soon be the proud owner of an MWS as well. This thread is a cave of wonder and awe for a GBBR and MWS newcomer as myself. It was a very entertaining and enlightening read while waiting for a chance to get one in Germany. I have looked to get a TM MWS since 2017 but there were not that many sold and up until now they were mostly with filed out markings (and still expensive). Now there finally was a chance to get a licensed one and I took it. It sold out in 3 days so I guess there are more desperate Germans out there. I used to plan on keeping it pretty stock but now I have so many plans. My wallet hates this thread for sure but I love it. I do have a couple of immediate questions for the TM MWS hive mind that were talked about but I am not sure what ended up to be the consensus or I simply didn't understand. I plan on using green gas and maybe switch to propane later and I think a reinforced spring set seems to be a good idea? Would this be good https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/dynamic-precision-reinforced-aluminum-valve-blocker-for-marui-m4a1-mws ? In addition I have read about the sixG High Speed Buffer Spacer and it seemed to be a good idea to save the buffer tube cap with stronger gases but I honestly didn't quite understand what the draw backs are if there are any? I also want to put a QD plate on the end of the receiver since that would be my preferred attachment point. Ideally I would want it to be free moving to both sides as well. On page 177 RMDavis said he managed to fit an RS Magpul QD plate which is the only source I could find to support that possibility and many reviews that said RS plates won't fit because the MWS has an oval opening instead of round or something? Is there anybody here that has more experience with fitting a QD plate? I also saw there is an angrygun one for the MWS but there seems to be a lot of quality control issues. Somebody also suggested the PTS QD plates. Do they fit without mods and would be a better option maybe? I am looking forward to learning and tinkering with the MWS in the future and will probably will run into problems along the way to it is really cool to have such a dedicated community to help out. Best regards, Anubis
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