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  1. The G&G UMG, yay or nay? What are your experiences with this UMP and are there any alternatives from other brands worth picking up?


    Any guidence would be grand!

    1. Druid799


      Do you like the look of it ? that’s the real question , if yes you do then get it , if not that sold on it then don’t . As you will often read on this forum unless you spend some serious beer tokens near ALL the AEG’s in a particular price range are much of a muchness . After playing for waaaaaayyyyy too long I’ve come to the conclusion if a gun is from one of the ‘main Airsoft manufacturers’ then the deciding factor are the aesthetics of the gun and not it’s possible performance as basically they’ll all perform the same . 👍

    2. kasaran


      Having got the original G&G UMG, the plastic certainly feels more sturdy than the Umerex's i poked at on a site that used them for rentals.  But for the price difference either will do ya fine.  Mine did need the hop unit modding though, as the slider was so lose it would undo itself.  Simple fix, a washer put under the bolt that holds it fixed it fine, and it hops 0.28's with ease stock.

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