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  1. Out of the frying pan and into the... Relative cool? I have another bash at the Galaxy GBB, and get enough life out of it for a proper review and breakdown. There's an ok platform lurking under there somewhere, i'm sure of it. The hop needs to fuck off though.
  2. Here we go! A thorough working of a Cyma CM.132s AEP. it's a twenty minuter so I don't blame anyone for not watching. 🤣
  3. First game went well, didn't get any footage as just wanted to concentrate on getting my eye in and using a few new guns. The AA R36 was awesome, worked without fault all night, very accurate and got a lot of interest from the other players who couldn't quite believe a useable GBBR could be so cheap. I'm presently under isolation after a positive case at work which is affecting my upload schedule, however I'll have one up tomorrow on the CM.132s. in other news, I've managed to fix up the Galaxy GBB by taking it to bits, clearencing problem areas (with toothpaste no less), rebuild
  4. Thanks @GAMBLE, that's true! Have my first game next thursday, most exciting! Ino other news, the review of the Cyma Cm357am is now live on the channel! #Airsoft #shotgun #Cyma
  5. New vid up on the channel of the metal build Cyma CM.357AM shotgun. The review is coming soon.
  6. Hi @GAMBLE, Would love that cheers! Everything helps when we small bois try to get stuff up and running. 😁 New vid up, the review of the CM.028U. 😉
  7. Lil vid of the unboxing of a Cyma CM.028U up on the channel. Looks bloody amazing, especially for the money.
  8. Yeah I've not had the 'pleasure' of dealing with a Browning, but have heard they are trash as well. I'm going to do a full teardown, clean and rebuild of the Galaxy on film to have a closer look at just why it doesn't work and see if anything can be done. Shouldn't have this issue with a pretty expensive pistol, every gun has it's weaknesses and foibles, but this just plain don't work. 🙄
  9. New video of the unboxing of a spanky new WE Galaxy GBB up on the channel! Looks noice.
  10. So a new vid is up. TL:DR it's pants, go and buy a Cyma springer bangstick. 😂 And in quick succession: Love this thing. They've come a hell of a long way from the bad old NIMH days.
  11. cheers @Gamble new vid up, no issues this time. Taking a look at the Nuprol Sierra shotty range, the tactical adjustable stock model to be precise. Your continued support is very much appreciated folks. 👍
  12. it got sorted in the end. It turns out it was restricted because they thought it was a real weapon. 🙄 Because obviously content creators in the UK have access to suppressed automatic assault rifles. Anyway, The review of the Cyma CM.513 is now live on the channel!
  13. Popped a new vid on the channel today, an unboxing of the Cyma cm.513: Ps, there's now a 'Copywrite checker' process in the Youtube upload setup that apparently pre checks the videos for copywrite claims. It also appears to automatically age restrict airsoft videos. Fucking fantastic. I haven't even sworn in this one. 🙄
  14. The review and long range firing test of the Cyma CM.701B sniper rifle is now up on the channel. Was good fun filming this!
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