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  1. So a new vid is up. TL:DR it's pants, go and buy a Cyma springer bangstick. 😂 And in quick succession: Love this thing. They've come a hell of a long way from the bad old NIMH days.
  2. cheers @Gamble new vid up, no issues this time. Taking a look at the Nuprol Sierra shotty range, the tactical adjustable stock model to be precise. Your continued support is very much appreciated folks. 👍
  3. it got sorted in the end. It turns out it was restricted because they thought it was a real weapon. 🙄 Because obviously content creators in the UK have access to suppressed automatic assault rifles. Anyway, The review of the Cyma CM.513 is now live on the channel!
  4. Popped a new vid on the channel today, an unboxing of the Cyma cm.513: Ps, there's now a 'Copywrite checker' process in the Youtube upload setup that apparently pre checks the videos for copywrite claims. It also appears to automatically age restrict airsoft videos. Fucking fantastic. I haven't even sworn in this one. 🙄
  5. The review and long range firing test of the Cyma CM.701B sniper rifle is now up on the channel. Was good fun filming this!
  6. New vid up, this time an unboxing of the Cyma CM.701B sniper rifle.
  7. New vid up on the AAP-01: It's a good pistol, but held back by a general cheapness which is fortunately reflected in the price.
  8. Thanks dude! Yeah, the talky bits are shot in a caravan, and the firings are shot up at my workshop not far from there.
  9. More waffling from me in a new vid in which I rage at the Umarex H8R for a bit.
  10. lilredmachine


    subscribed. Keep at it dude!
  11. Do we watch the same Airsoft Mike? 😂 The bloke pays more attention to the box than most, and I never tire of 5 minutes of video showing every single trade in minute detail. Not to mention 3 shots through a chrono and an accuracy 'test' on a 10m range pretty much describes his channel perfectly. I'm also pretty certain the only real time I've seen him be negative about something is when it has totally failed to shoot. Anyone who manages to positively review a Valken AVP17 must have taken a blow to the head as a child. 😂 In all fairness his production quality is great a
  12. Subscribed mate! Happy videoing. 👍
  13. Thanks Steveocee, It's something I've always fancied having a pop at, and recently the turn in youtube videos to the more 'sponsored by so can't say anything negative' and 'clickbait title+hit markers' left me wanting something more honest. So I decided to get off my arse and do something. Hopefully I can pull it together a bit down the line. 😂
  14. 😂 I'm not sure my vids are decent enough to be competition for anything or any one. More the merrier I reckon. 😉
  15. Hi guys, this is just a little prod towards my channel that I started a couple of months ago. The camera work will probably hurt your eyes and i'm terrible at speaking but there are a few unboxings and reviews on there of RIFs. I do plan on uploading footage of my local CQB when we're y'know, not all dying. I'm trying to get some decent camera gear together and get a handle on editing as I go, so apologies for the general roughness at the moment! Thanks for looking.
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