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    Working on one, just normal camos for now
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  1. MAW3Y

    We Gen 4 Glock 17

    Hi Tank, are you able to post or is it collection only?
  2. MAW3Y

    G&G ARP-9

    Is this still for sale? would you be able to post? How many times has it been fielded and any issues with it? Thanks, Mark
  3. Thank you.... Yes already got some Evader 2 Goggles as I needed a set that fit over my glasses, they also fit quite well with my mesh mouth guard so hopefully alot of ventilation but still protected...
  4. Hi All, Thanks for having me! My name is Mark, close to Manchester (Handforth, Wilmslow) Im 39 and slowly edging closer to middle age and also a dad with three boys, wife etc and I'm looking to add some excitiment back into my life that would be me only time. I have my first game coming up at Rift on the 13th where im meeting up with some gaiming buddies from down south and Im so excited, it feels like xmas lol. I have a fairly decent loadup for a noob which im happy with and have basic combats etc for now but looking to get a decent set up as I go along a
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