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  1. Cheers mate think I’ll get the maple leaf and the omega then
  2. Awesome thanks for the advice guys I’ve bought a Prometheus precision barrel cause I heard that is a good upgrade for increasing the range also would you say the maple leaf rubber as suggested is the best one I could get or is there another you would recommend
  3. I have just bought my G&G l85a2 ETU and after using it i am looking to upgrade it to increase the range i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to upgrade
  4. Cheers mate i will have a look
  5. does anyone know what specific mid cap magazines actually fit in the G&g l85a2 etu as i bought some standard stanag nurprol ones but they are too big
  6. Thank you I’ve got myself a 7.4v so I will try it with that as I’m yet to find 11.1 that is small enough to fit
  7. Are there any batteries you would recommend and is there any negatives over using a lower volt battery ?
  8. I have recently just bought g&g l85a2 ETU https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-l85-a2-carbine-etu-series-airsoft-aeg and i was wondering what hand guards fit i acquired https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/madbull-dd-daniel-defense-sa80l85-ris-rail but not only was it extremely hard to get on as if it didn't fit properly but also left no room to get a battery within it. Validate my Email address
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