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  1. Cyrax

    battlefield 3

    I have been kicked from so many games just for getting a good score. Its so lame.
  2. Cyrax

    battlefield 3

    Heard of Ground branch? Ground Branch on Youtube Looks similar to ARMA, but better, and anyone that helped make the original Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six is a friend of mine!
  3. 5 phone calls later, and im one step closer to being a Special. And, my job is a bit more stable and sorted! Good times
  4. This makes you happy? You must thoroughly enjoy life my friend.
  5. Cyrax

    battlefield 3

    I havent been on BF3 for ages, been saving the galaxy and all, but it sounds like its gone down the pan a bit? EA been ruining more things?
  6. Havent done it for ages, but is it possible to press "Y" and change payment option to points instead of credit card? When looking at the xbox gold membership. I cant remember how to get to the right screen to check so im not much help, but thats what I thought...
  7. I just did eleven hours, in retail, for minimum wage with minimum breaks. Cry me a river fool. Back to happy!
  8. Passed my police medical. I have the eyes of a falcon and the hearing of a fox. And lovely straight ear canals apparently. My lungs need more work though, so off to the gym to work on some running and heavy breathing!
  9. This is a good site. If thats the kind of thing you are after.
  10. Amen. A prime example for me is krave. Amazing. Except when the powder at the bottom gets into contact with milk it makes a sludge that ruins my morning. And, i just had an interview that went badly. Sad face.
  11. No no no, the police. Ive never been in the forces.
  12. Got my date for my medical exam for joining the Specials. Not a celebration in itself, but it means im getting somewhere. Hoorah. Oh and I have two new xbox games.
  13. Cyrax

    battlefield 3

    Been keeping up to date with the thread but only just got battlelog, my (interesting) stats are: Kills 7 757 Deaths 2 517 K/D Ratio 3.082 Vehicles Destroyed 1 048 Vehicles Destroyed Assists 205 Avg. Weapon Accuracy 17% Longest Headshot 507 m - that was stationary with the M98B on Firestorm. Not a fan of that gun. Best running was 300m with the SVD on Caspian I think. Kill Streak Bonus 31 W/L = 1.87 Top gun is the G36C with 804 kills, vehicle is the T-90 with 623 kills and my combined attack chopper kills (im gunner my bro is the pilot!) is approx 670. Approx 35% Recon, 35%
  14. Starting work at 2. Just waiting around, cant start anything interesting because ill just have to stop...
  15. Cyrax

    battlefield 3

    Agreed. On the up side, when a silly sniper has one attached, you can see them off in the distance, and as a recon, if someone comes up close i use a tact pistol to blind them and kill them, providing i dont get sprayed to death. What does really annoy me is when team mates look at you without turning it off, or when people are sprinting past you and it keeps blinding you as the gun swings.
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