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    This rifle is quite old I have had it for about 4 years and has been used quite alot. The rifle does still work but currently only fires full auto and will not always feed, I have tried to fix the issues but it is beyond my skill level to be able to fix I am asking for £250 as the rifle still works and can be fixed I just dont have the time or knowledge to do it as well as the SUSAT sight. Ares L85A2 Currently will only fire full auto and will not always feed, I am sure someone with more knowledge or an airsoft store will be able to resolve these issues. Some extrernal scratches Front sling loop and screw has been replaced as the origional one snapped Mag well has been rivited in place as this was loose and would not hold the mag in place (this is not causing the feed issue, has the rifle work fine after the mag well was rivited) Gas parts untouched nad the Green handguard is stock Last time it was used it was shooting at roughly 290-300 fps Ares SUSAT 4x magnification Clear view through the sight No cracks on the lense's Misc Origional Radway Green style mag that came with the rifle Three peice multi tool that came with the rifle Rail adapter for the dovetail rail, this does fit but needs some persuasion to go on


    Rochdale, Lancashire - GB

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