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  1. I'm heading over to Gunman, Eversley tomorrow for their skirmish game. Anyone else going to be there?

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    2. snuff


      Did you go in the end m8?


    3. RMDavis


      I'm crap... Apologies gents, I had a rough weekend (not airsoft related) and writing a review Sunday evening was not top of my priority list! 


      I had a great day though, not many people there so small teams of 24 aside. Which meant game play was kept to certain areas to keep the games flowing (as it's such a large site)


      Marshalling was excellent, game modes were varied and fun. Although I do prefer the longer drawn out 'film sim' game days they offer.


      Any specific questions I will be happy to answer. 

    4. snuff


      50's is a good number,as I said WE didn't enjoy the filmsim..cheers m8..

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