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  1. I've ordered from them a few times some really good gear and good price. Every time I've had excellent customer service and extremely fast delivery as well. I can't fault them at all with the experience I've had.
  2. I think you should be ok if you don't wear it off site. (getting changed into it when you arrive at the skirmish location and before you leave). I have seen people do armed police loadouts before and some of them are really good.
  3. I'm going to have a look at their site now and see if they have anything nice to buy. You have got me interested now. Just had a look at their site and their AEG prices are cheap but for a JG series its a decent price. just seen the L96 series on there with a choice of camo for the body. which is pretty cool.
  4. Mad rag. There's no law on having to store Mk5 Pyro same as smokes mate. I have a ammo tin and i store mine in that and then in my gear cupboard.
  5. mate youve got more chance of finding rocking horse sh*t. I havent seen anything for these or any of them as a whole for about 5/6 years
  6. now then mate. I'm a scouser. But i don't play at swat kiln, I used to play at swat but I play at first & only the armoury & Anzio Camp
  7. exactly Seth there is always room to grow. yeah i've seen the look of the average airsofter change over the years and also the weapons from AEG and gas adding mofset swithes and HPA tanks. times will always change as long as people still are honest with their hits and show good sports-ship I dont mind changes
  8. I store mine in a locked case hidden away with all the rest of my kit. But even if i have them out while doing any maintenance on them both my kids know not to touch them.
  9. I used to always buy from Hong Kong shops back before the VCR and UKARA came into play. Haven't since then. The old days when you could buy a RIF get it shipped and pay £20 to customs for opening it and checking that it wasn't a real firearm and away you went.
  10. BigStew I've been playing 15 years and i remember when it was a extremely niche sport and i went to the NAE in 2007 when it was like 600/700 plays who where going then and now its like 2000-3000 players. it has boomed the last few years.
  11. i use 6 x midcaps (appox 120 round each) 2 x standard m1911 gas mags. and a small bag of ammo thats all i need
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