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  1. Bishbash0

    RWA 1911 C02 recon

    Hi there, got a Red wolf aisoft recon 1911. It shoots a little hot at like 380-390 on 0.2 and 340 on 0.28. How do I lower the FPS I would like sub 350 on 0.2. Any ideas?
  2. Bishbash0

    Starting up again

    without a doubt I'd have the ARP-9 by G&G for CQB. Absolute weapon and cheap for £169. all you'll need in the barrtery extenion unit and an extra hi cap mag. super light. run 11.1v lipo. My brother has one and jesus christ it scared the sh1t out of me when it went off, the range is good as well. it's a monster out of the box.
  3. Bishbash0

    Looking for an event this Weekend! IDEAS?

    not this weekend, but I usually play at sabotage events in Swaborne outside milton keynes, there is one sunday 24th. excellent site. dense woodland and a fortified structures made from wood and oil barrels,. old cars to hide in and bridges etc. staff are chilled and some good player there. so you won't be short of competitive play.
  4. Bishbash0

    Nuprol Amoeba-14 Spec ops "honey Badger"

    I will have a go. I just generally seems to be hand fisted. so will be careful lol
  5. Bishbash0

    Nuprol Amoeba-14 Spec ops "honey Badger"

    thanks! will look into it. I don't know what length barrel I have in mine though. I guess I could take it apart and measure it.
  6. Hi, relatively new to airsoft, maybe just over 7 months in... skirmished my nuprol Amoeba-14 a few times now. completely stock internals. I would like to upgrade, but don't really know what to put in it. I was wonder does anyone on here have any reccomendations to what I can put in to increase accuracy and range. out the box it's shooting 295fps consitantly on .25gs. any suggestions would be great. any sarcastic ones can jog on. thanks!
  7. Bishbash0

    G&G AEG PDW15-CQB Honey Badger

    Hi there, If this is still available, I can buy this from you Friday?