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  1. Hi all, I'm having a lot of trouble with removing the buttplate entirely of my new stock to put in the battery. It's the CYMA M4/15/16 Solid Full Stock from Patrol Base. Any advice? Thanks in advance EDIT: After about an hour of searching I found on Taiwan Gun how to remove it. If this picture was on Patrol Base I'd have not bought it as the compartment is too f*cking small for my battery. This sort of thing has happened before from them. f*ck Patrol base.
  2. Ah thank you, although I've seen that the ProWin hop up unit doesnt quite fit the SPR. Have you had experience with this?
  3. Yeah i clean my barrel before i go out every time. I saw that as well when i first got my gun after i cleaned it it worked pretty nicely. Can anyone suggest anything to further this guns range? I might be able to improve the accuracy with a nice new inner barrel!
  4. He basically cut the inner barrel and outer barrel down so that the suppressor wouldn't stick out too much from the gun. I already have been using .28s but I've seen so many other people shooting far further than me and far more accurate too. Just dont know if there is anything else I could do with the gun in order to increase the accuracy and range. The stock gun wasn't that great either compared to other peoples that is.
  5. So I bought a stock SPR last year and I'm running into some trouble with it. It hasn't got the range and accuracy that I'd expect out of a gun that I've now spent around 500 on. I took it to my local airsoft shop to get it upgraded and they have done a "custom hop mod", courtesy of the techy and cut down the inner barrel for me to put on a suppressor. I've not had the chance to really test it out all that well but the last time I took it out I ran a sniper scope on it, to see how it was performing, and it wasnt that accurate at all even at a 20-40ft range. Wondering what the hell I can do to increase range and accuracy of this rifle without going back to them, they seem a bit useless but I know I'm not really great either! Will be replacing the inner barrel for a better quality one soon.
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys! Liking the look of that MK23
  7. I'm gonna be starting up sniping soon and was wondering what the better pistol to get would be? Looking at the TM GBB version and the AEP version, both roughly same price from what I've seen. Also wouldn't be opposed to any other suggestions on what a decent pistol would be to carry along side a sniper.
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