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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    PTS CM4 ERG. Uses KWA's proprietary Electric Recoil System. With the ERG mags will feature a cut off on last round just like a real firearm; to reactivate hit the bolt catch release on the slide. Shooting at 346 FPS on .20 BBs, I will include the original spring that came with it which will make it 330 FPS on .20 BBs Comes with a 4x ACOG & 4 ERG magazines. (The torch is not included) Will swap for GBBR or an AEG , so just show me what you have on offer Ideally after a GHK M4 or a TM M4 MWS. My contact number is 07464470572 Will post at a cost or you can come over, pick it up and try it out.



  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    THIS GBBR IS NOT FOR INEXPERIENCED USERS WHO ARE NEW TO GAS BLOW BACKS AND THEIR INTERNALS. It is with heavy heart that I'm letting this go, I've used it for a maximum of three games and it's been a joy to use minus a few issues here and there. These went out of production around 2015, with a limited run of 500 or so being produced and sold. Internally it sports the GHK G5 internals, so finding replacement parts for the FCG or the bolt/nozzle wont be a problem as it's compatible with G5 parts. Runs off of the WA/ GHK gas system, takes either G5 or M4 Stanag GHK mags, as well as being C02 ready (though I would warn against using C02 just because this is a limited piece). Upgrade list: - AngryGun Tar -21 Rail System - Adjustable FPS Nozzle (part of the thread for the adjusting screw is broken, so I'll include the standard nozzle that comes with it) The gun comes with 5 M4 GHK mags, though I am looking to swap the T-21 for a GHK M4 so I will keep for 4 mags if a swap comes up. Problems with the platform: - Sometimes when firing the bolt will lock back. - Wobbly inner barrel. -Awkward hop-up placement (requires the back sight post to be taken off before any adjustments can be made). This is a great gun if you're a collector of all things rare, or just looking for something odd to skrimish with! Will swap for GBBR packages within its price range, so just show me what you have on offer Ideally after a GHK M4 or a TM M4 MWS. My contact number is 07776240958


    London, Greater London - GB

  3. Like straight up propane, no added silicon oil. It's mean't to be for camping but I've brought a propane adapter and plan to use it for my GBBR in the colder months. The brand is Colemans and it's a 465g cannister.
  4. Where in my house is an ideal location for my propane tank, and how do I transport it to and from games?
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