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  1. Amazing day yesterday at Midlands Airsoft Fair. Didn't spend the earth but got some bits I wanted.

    1. Rogerborg


      Out of interest, was there any attempt by the venue or organiser to police the selling of RIFs?


      I ask because I'm seeing that cosplay and similar fanwank conventions are now requiring vendors of anything remotely toy weapon related to not sell face-to-face on site, but to ship the item later.


      I know that makes absolutely hee-haw sense, but it's the sort of idiocy that seems increasingly popular among people who don't understand the consequences of creating a duty of care where one didn't previously exist.  And in our case, every sale of a RIF is a criminal offence.

    2. Steveocee


      A couple of the stalls said that they would check UKARA before selling a RIF.


      Some of the bigger ones didn't, I think it's an almost fair assumption that to go to an airsoft fair, pay £5 for entry to wander round and purchase then you are "most likely" an airsofter.


      The one which made me smile was one of the players stalls (selling second hand stuff) stating it would check UKARA as I didn't even think that was possible any more.


      I can say though that I went knowing my UKARA had expired but still came away with a new RIF.

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