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  1. I think the best option is alway collect the item from the persons house if possible test it in the garden. If the person get cagey about you collecting it from there house then that should ring alarm bells, I know its tempting to purchase something from far away which seems so cheap but is it worth taking the risk?... Thats just my way of dealing and ive purchased some nice kit and RIF from this forums
  2. im gonna play there in next month, gonna play at the school on 15th
  3. Triggerhappy, you playing on sunday??
  4. Heya Buddy, Welcome to the forums Dragons Lair is my fav place to play, I will be there on sunday (8/1/17) if you decide to pop down come and say hello
  5. Yeah it is always mainly the renters but hey it was still a good day. And there was some amazing teamwork from the greens just a shame most of the yellow team seemed to think we wasn't allowed out the basement lol At one point I managed to box my self into a dead end in the basement which was kinda funny had to surrender and hope I wasn't gonna get blasted lol This is deffo my fab CQB I've played
  6. Hey guys, Had a blast at the mall yesterday, they filmed this. https://youtu.be/2eejOZ3y1Nc Enjoy 😅😅
  7. https://youtu.be/2eejOZ3y1Nc They uploaded the video 😅
  8. I admit I was tempted lol I see it and couldnt help screaming piggy lol
  9. Yea, we was all chatting in the car on the way back there was a lot Of ff but it was a really good day Any knife kills ?
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