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  1. they were very helpful and the staff on site were quick to answer any and all questions I had about the guns I wanted. The tech team there are great and no there stuff. They wont tackle a job they know that they can not do
  2. I am going away for a week on Monday but on my return I will show the made stock as I have the wood for it now
  3. I now have the check list and the plan of how it will appear
  4. right now I am measuring out all of the wood that I will need to build the stock with
  5. I have recently fixed up an old sniper and its performance is incredible. small problem that the stock has been smashed and its left only the working parts. Now I need to build it a new stock and for those who have seen the tv series shooter I am going to build the black king form scratch out of wood and for those who haven't here are some images. I will post updates
  6. check to make sure that your barrel is clean and it isn't scruffed up
  7. it is 13 years old to play there as I have been going there for 4 years now so I can answer every question
  8. It is a great sport and I have been in it for 4 years now and I am still as hooked as I was when I first set foot on the field :)
  9. it is a northern site based in the Newcastle region that is a 90 acre site. It is a lovely little place and is full of members and newbie airsofters and the likes it is £43 for a full day skirmish with all the gear hired and is £25 for none members £20 for members. Has a small shop on site where you can find accessories and the odd gun or two look us up on facebook (NSC airsoft) or check out the website for more details
  10. I personally do nothing then on Saturday before the game day I rush everything into my bag and panic sort everything out
  11. that's a sweet idea mate
  12. what's the website called
  13. i am wanting to buy a custom gun such as one that is personal to me. one that no on else on my field will have and am wanting to know where I could buy a custom gun to a custom kit to put on my gun
  14. imtriggerhappy tbh I'm more of a grey jacket no chest rig run and gun pistol type myself and I'm not moaning I acknowledge that once upon a time I was a newb as well and I needed all of the support but its just those new players if I'm honest it's more the older new players that are just arrogant when receiving advice from people such as me at the age of 16 even though I am simply trying to help
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