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  1. Hi Storm Tactical! Would just like to say this sounds great. I would happily come along to the opening day, along with our team (4 on a bad day, 12 on a good) to support you and see how you operate. I'll give some feedback: -Happy to pay the asking by pice for an opening day, happy to repeat that providing it's good quality. -We don't mind tabbing distances as long as there is always a risk of engagement, this would come from good comms and Intel being fed to both forces. -It's closer than our regular site so could well be our new haunt! -Our regular skirmish consists game time between 10:00-16/17:00 with scenario breaks and lunch. That's £25. -Recently attended a 24hr milsim for £55 on a pretty big site. Site was awesome, engagements were great but to few, pyro was provided (team not personal). -Worst thing for me on events is a lack or organisation and application from people running the show. It filters into every aspect and affects everything. Get that right and I'm sure you will be good. Keep us updated on the website and Facebook pages. Thanks Gaz
  2. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    It is a floating hop system, I think it's putting strain on the nozzle when installed as it sits slightly higher. I'm going to try and space the rear of the gear box so it sits properly. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!
  3. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    The stoner is very similar to the 249 if you have any idea on that? And I do believe the front to back is sound as it does pull back just enough to feed. It looks like it goes far enough forward but is there a way to make it go further? Also how would I lower the nozzle as it is a little high in the barrel so that could be causing and air seal issue.
  4. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    Yeh but it's flush to the cylinder head which is all aligned in the gearbox so I don't know how to adjust it. What do you think?
  5. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    Okay so I changed the piston, cleaned everything etc and got a good compression. New lonex bucking installed so everything should be good but it isn't. Granted it's better but I'm out of ideas. Help?
  6. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    Indeed guys! It's going to get a damn good clean and potentially a reshim. New cylinder is an SHS 3 steel tooth so hopefully that will hold out. Thanks for all the effort guys much appreciated
  7. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    Yeh they are all there. This guy and another vid have saved my ass! I was a bit tentative of opening the gear box but I'm glad I did, I've found the culprit...
  8. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    Yeh the hop rubber adjusts well into the barrel and fully retracts. The nozzle does actually look a little high to be fair. Recommendations?
  9. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    So would the next thing to try be a compression test on the mech box?
  10. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    So I've done the paper test on the hop up feed and the paper moves quite alot, I take it this means it's a hop issue? Do you guys know any fixes or should the new bucking do It?
  11. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    Well that's a relief that means leaving the gearbox alone for now. Yeh the feed lips looked a little suspect and the rubber was highly lubed so like I said I've ordered a lonex bucking and rubber. Hopefully that will sort it. Thanks for taking the time sp00n
  12. Carta4

    Multi-feed/low fps

    Hi guys, I recently acquired a CA stoner LMG. Im having problems when firing. The rifle spews out a few BB's a time at really low fps and more often than not there is quite a few BB's in the barrel after operation. The hop unit etc seems in good condition (although I've got another lonex bucking and rubber ordered just in case). I have noticed that the nozzle tends to rest in a different place after every burst. Sometimes full forward, sometimes full back and sometimes in between. I'm wondering if this can cause the issue and if it is to do with the tappet plate/spring or if it's just normal on the CA stoner. Any other reasons this could be happening? Thanks!
  13. Carta4


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): yes Any other comments: fast payment, had a problem with his phone but let me know so I wasn't left wondering. Good guy. Understanding when it came to me having to wait a few days to post due to work.
  14. Carta4

    Hi Noobs here!

    Hey man! where abouts are you located?
  15. Carta4

    What bbs to get?

    I've recently started to use G+G and they've given my rifles a great consistent performance so I would recommend them. Saying that most of my team swear by rockets which they purchase in bulk so I'd say as long as they're not cheap your good to go. Plus I've had a rifle or two which lift 0.2s without any hop on so would never go below 0.25's on them. Try a few and find out pal! This is also the most fun as you have a reason to fire 1000's of BB's without the missus saying it's for no reason ;-)