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  1. OK, that's what I shall do. Cheers
  2. I recently purchased a second hand RIF via this forum, the initial discussions went fine and despite the fact that the vendor wanted paid via bank transfer I felt confident enough to go ahead with the transaction. I promptly received the gun as promised (poorly packaged) only to discover there were several faults/missing bolts. I have since read a post on here suggesting making an unboxing video which I think is a great idea, which I will definitely do in the future, but didn't on this occasion unfortunately. I promptly contacted the seller to inform him of these faults that he had not listed offering to send him pictures including side by side photos with a gun I already own of the same variety. He then pm'd me to say he did not believe me suggesting that I had swapped the bits on to the gun I already own in some attempt to con him and stated that he didn't want to "get agressive" about it, a threat which I do not take kindly to and then proceeded to block me stopping any further discussion. I am not in the least bothered about returning the gun (not that expensive and I have enough tech ability to repair) but would have expected better. This is a lesson learned for me but my question really is who should I speak to that can ask this guy to be a bit more thorough in his listings and discuss a couple of other issues with him that I do not want to post publicly about.
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