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  1. Stumbled across this thread as I was having similar problems myself. TM P226 (getting on a bit) barely able to shoot half a mag and failing to lock back when empty. Followed the advice above stripped and cleaned it to within an inch of its life. Still not cycling properly. What I then noticed was the magazine had a fair bit of movement in it and discovered if I applied pressure to the bottom of the magazine and fired it locked back perfectly every time. The problem seems to have been that the gas router (rubber piece behind feed lips at top of mag) was not sitting high enough to make good contact with the blow back unit in the slide this was allowing gas to escape which was also accelerating cool down. After a quick search around I stumbled upon mag shims which can be placed under the gas router to help improve the seal. They are available to buy, I have improvised an alternative and fitted to two of my three mags, the difference is night and day. Sorry for the long post, I hope you've already resolved your issue and if not here's something else to consider. You can easily test by pushing the mag in while firing, if that improves things a shim may be worth a try.
  2. OK, that's what I shall do. Cheers
  3. I recently purchased a second hand RIF via this forum, the initial discussions went fine and despite the fact that the vendor wanted paid via bank transfer I felt confident enough to go ahead with the transaction. I promptly received the gun as promised (poorly packaged) only to discover there were several faults/missing bolts. I have since read a post on here suggesting making an unboxing video which I think is a great idea, which I will definitely do in the future, but didn't on this occasion unfortunately. I promptly contacted the seller to inform him of these faults that he had not listed offering to send him pictures including side by side photos with a gun I already own of the same variety. He then pm'd me to say he did not believe me suggesting that I had swapped the bits on to the gun I already own in some attempt to con him and stated that he didn't want to "get agressive" about it, a threat which I do not take kindly to and then proceeded to block me stopping any further discussion. I am not in the least bothered about returning the gun (not that expensive and I have enough tech ability to repair) but would have expected better. This is a lesson learned for me but my question really is who should I speak to that can ask this guy to be a bit more thorough in his listings and discuss a couple of other issues with him that I do not want to post publicly about.
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