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  1. Legendary sir! Will go and buy a bulk load and play till i get it right, was very annoying mid-battle the gun butt going "wobbley"!!!
  2. Hi all, Please see the attached explosion diagram for G&G warthog - i require the bolt/washer circled in the diagram but am unsure of the length/size needed. (kept coming loose and fell out!) Cheers
  3. Thanks for the above guys, will try find the exploded diagram and get my ass to BNQ much appreciated
  4. Hi All, the bolt that connects the M4 stockholder to the gearbox/spring/main body of the M4 - anybody know the size/length/name of this bolt? Mine is stripped and need another. (this is on a G&G using v2 gearbox) FYI posted in wrong section by mistake - if MOD could move as appropriate please Cheers
  5. Hi Pal, Can i be rude and ask you to send me the link you got this? Cheers in advanced
  6. Alot of people go on their own, i have a few times. Most people there are up for a good time pewpewing and talking about their kit. So long as you dont go waving a nazi flag shouting you hate jewish people, you will have a good day my friend even if you go solo
  7. Hi All, Purchased my cm.701b and all the appropriate parts. Went with the AA hop up/trigger/cylinder etc. the trigger guard appears to be giving me problems, i need to push up on the trigger guard underneath when fired for the trigger to "reengage" can any one recommend a better fitting trigger guard? Cheers
  8. Thanks for this. I ordered both the 75 monster and the autobot 70
  9. I have looked at the ASPUK kit and it basically is about the same price once converted (JPY to GBP) - for some reason in the UK they put a large premium on the parts! E.G Taiwan gun cm.701b = £75, patrol base = £130 Because of the price i'd rather go for "the" brand as if i ever do strip/sell it wont be as much of a loss haha although i will break it before then! Any tips on nub/hopup you use? CHeers
  10. Tell me about it, going bald from playing with the AEG on this side of things! still playing haha. Also what size would you recommend? 6.01 etc (any compatibility problems with the parts i have listed?)
  11. HI all, Purchased a CM.701b as a base to upgrade the hell out of. So far looking at AA hop up chamber PDI New Trigger2+Piston-end / VSR-10 PDI Precision Palsonite Cylinder Set VC PDI VSR 450 spring (need barrel+spacer recommendations) What else am i missing/What would you change. Also is there any problems with the items i have chosen. I believe the spring is the 13mm fat diameter one as the cylinder set says that is what is compatible. Also if you believe that i should change any of the above for cheaper alternatives that provide the same performance please say so Last question - do i order the regular or the Bore-UP items? (No idea what Bup is btw) Thanks
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