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    It soon becomes a job! I imagine even an astronaut gets bored of space but yeah nice to be self employed
  2. R14LYX


    I'm pretty lucky I own an ariel atom that I hire out and instruct in and do red letter supercar instruction
  3. R14LYX

    suggestions for newbie to tinkering

    They all work the same way aegs anyways.. The way I did it was to strip my own gun down to the gearbox several times then when something went wrong in the gearbox I braved the opening of the gearbox.. There are plenty of YouTube videos to help you along the way if you get stuck but technically all you need is a screw driver and torx set and a soldering iron they are pretty simple
  4. R14LYX

    How good do you think you are at Airsoft?

    My first game was terrible I kept misting up and didn't have a clue where I was going or what I was doing.. My back then gave way half way through the day and I struggled even more but I still went home enjoying the day overall, I invested in some much better Goggles and some cat crap and the second game despite the site being a little over crowded I got a lot more kills and enjoyed the day a lot more, I think having GOOD basic gear is the key to enjoying it or not as misting up can easily spoil the day
  5. R14LYX

    G&P M14 dmr advice

    He didn't put it in the advert, it turned up yesterday it's a lovely bit of kit just need a day to take it to be tested now!
  6. R14LYX

    G&P M14 dmr advice

    Thanks for the info that's answered a lot of my questions
  7. R14LYX

    G&P M14 dmr advice

    Second hand used twice, has a 8.4v 3300mah lipo a smart charger 2 mid caps 3 hand guards and a scope cost me just over 200..
  8. R14LYX

    G&P M14 dmr advice

    Ok thanks mate I did plan on that when it arrives
  9. R14LYX

    G&P M14 dmr advice

    Hey chaps, I brought my first gun and settled on a m14 dmr not everyones idea of a good starting gun but it suits my style and local site .. Can anyone shead some light on the fps? Some websites say 340 some say 400 and everything in between.. If its 400 I'm guessing I'll need a spring to lower it.. Any advice on this would be appreciated! It also has a large scope I wouldn't mind changing that to an acog what do I need to look for to fit the gun? Thanks
  10. R14LYX

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just brought myself a g&p m14 anyone know what fps these are the seller didn't know? Standard internals plan to keep it that way unless I need to change spring.. Just want a smaller acog and I'll be happy