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  1. Hey Guys Just a quick question regarding the above, I have recently picked up the new ASG 805 Bren with the M4 magwell. Will any manufacturer of M4/STANAG mags fit, or are there any compatibility issues to be aware of? Cheers
  2. Cool! thanks for all the suggestions guys, theres good ideas for me to think about. Adding bits to normal clothes is the way forward I reckon. I'll be looking at everything from now on thinking how i can make armour from it
  3. Yeah thats the kind of look I was thinking of. I would like to try and avoid looking like I've just rocked up in my day to day clothes though so I need to think of a way of adding stuff to make it look apocalyptic without going too over board. I like the idea of making stuff myself to make it look cobbled together. I was also thinking of carrying a outdoor type rucksack with a foam machete strapped to the side! Cheers for the ideas!
  4. I did a skirmish day on Saturday, despite telling myself to take it easy I still feel like my legs are broken today! Going downstairs sucks :-)
  5. Morning So I was at my local skirmish site at the weekend and noticed a sea of MTP or DPM. It got me thinking of alternative loadouts and I thought a post apocalyptic / Wastelander look would be cool. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how I can get a cool look, and the right balance without going too far into a Mad Max look? I also don't want to look like i've just rocked up in my normal clothes! Cheers
  6. Apologies. I wasn't aware that theres supposed to only be one thread per retailer. I didn't think it fell under the 'duplicate' thread issue as everyones experience with retailers is different.
  7. Hey guys Just thought I'd give some positive feedback to Gunfire over in Poland. I recently placed an order for a CYMA AK that was on their website, which was super cheap. At my request, they downgraded the spring and two-toned the gun for me (both of which are free of charge!). I received regular updates on the status of my order and was able to track it when it was on its way. Overall, awesome service and would definitely recommend!
  8. Haha, yeah looks good! I might get two, one for each hand :-)
  9. Damn you GunFire!! I can't believe I've missed it by a matter of hours, I was going to buy it tonight, I didn't think the shipping was bad really compared to some UK shipping costs. I should have just gone for it! Oh the regret!
  10. It's gone up to £85 now, booooo!!
  11. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I hadn't thought about the 2nd hand market until now so I'll check that out first, otherwise I'll probably pick the gun up I mentioned earlier. You can never have too many guns!! :-)
  12. I've had a look on their website and Gunfire.pl provide a two-tone service for people without UKARA, only 4quid! Thats why I was thinking the gun in the link because it's only £65, I don't know if it'll be terrible though! I'm Midlands based so I'm thinking the MAW and Tac House Spartan to start with!
  13. Hi guys So, I'm hoping to start playing airsoft soon. I've been looking at the different sites near to me and have noticed the price differences between rental packages and just the 'walk on' fee. With this in mind and the fact I intend to apply for the UKARA registration after the three games, I think I might be best to just buy a cheap two-tone gun and save on the rental costs, and then buy the gun I really want once I have UKARA sorted. My thinking is that it might not be the best gun in the world but at least I'll save on rental, and still have a gun to mess with, lend to mates? The gun I'm thinking of is this http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152200410-DG04B-carbine-replica.html Mainly cos it's super cheap, and I know it will only be a stop gap till I get something better. Sorry for the ramble but let me know your thoughts, or anything I've missed! Cheers
  14. Currently not having a car, so restricted to chair softing for the time being!
  15. As mentioned above, Novritsch makes good sniper videos. Matt the musketeer also makes good UK videos. My current favourite, who deserves more subscribers on YouTube is Robo Murray Airsoft, cool guy and fair player who makes great videos.
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