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  1. So my parts arrived yay! 110mm barrel extension, check! Noveske KFH, check :D, two piece barrel now seemingly welded together check!! So hit a bit of a snag; completely my fault by the looks of things. Before I went away I had heated the barrel up a fair bit and split apart to measure. Problem is, I put it all back together and shoved the gun back in storage.... without cleaning the thread locker off before hand. So now I can only assume during the cooling down of the metal and the thread locker mutating under heat, the two pieces are now carbon bonded! I tried a part of rubber strap wrenches and heat but this didn't appear to do anything, before it was snug but with some manly exuberance it budged enough to start unscrewing; now it's doing nothing. I could throw the upper in a vice and try some brute force, however, my brother tried that method his M16 and well, he now has a new gun.... Anyone have any ideas, I'm thinking about binning the current outer and going for a whole new one, but it seams a bit silly to blow more money on something when I've already ordered the parts?!
  2. All great suggestions, however, the CZ has caught my eye. There's a little 1911 in there and a bit of Beretta, to my eyes anyway. Never really thought about one to be honest but it looks lovely; I'm not too bothered by the cost of the other gear as I'll pick bits up as and when. I'm going to have a look around at some reviews first, before I pull the trigger (pardon the pun). I've seen one on Patrol base here which isn't a bad price, HERE Am I right in thinking you can't mix mags on a specific version of the gun, so if I buy the C02 version I can't use GG mags in it and vice versa?
  3. Excellent, thanks to you both
  4. Forgive my ignorance, but where can one view such information. Sources if you have some? I remember Gordon at Battlezone mention this many moons back and even he was being relayed information from someone else. Surely there's some central place of information the whole community can access and have their say, no?
  5. I'll second this with a bumparticular as I'm looking too? I've looked at so many brands and models but what brands make the best of a specific model? I know the majority / uninformed seem to scream "MAROOOOOEEEE" I'd also like an idea of what people are using. So If it's worth spending more on the base gun or around the aforementioned and modify?
  6. Welcome back, that's quite a gap! That said you'll be a kid in a sweet shop with today's product lines. I'm biased but for out of the box performance at a reasonable price point, you really can't go wrong with any of the Krytac variants. Plus KRISS is the parent company if you care for that at all. That said, if you're looking to playing with gearboxes and hand picking parts you can't go wrong with G&P or VFC as a base personally. You also have HPA drop in units; Polarstar will almost certainly flag up with a search for anything HPA. Best bet is to check out the link below to view some of the retailers, old and new, and pick out some you like, then report back to the forum to gain some opinions and insights https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php?/forum/10-places-to-buy/
  7. I am almost positive Gordon at Battlezone airsoft runs that setup as a backup to his TIPPMAN. I'd give him a call as he's a stockist for them too.
  8. Not getting it until steam sales tbh. I had it on ultra for everything at 1440p in the beta; although pretty and sizable the game world is. I found it quite shallow in my opinion, so I think I'll wait as there were some bugs with it and see if there's more depth than what we have seen. It is fun with friends no doubt, it is A good laugh, but in single player I feel that's where it falls a little flat. If there's more to the game down the line that can raise the fun of single sessions then I might reconsider but as a package unless enough friends pick it up I'll wait. Plus hopefully down the line I'll avoid the majority of the typical Ubisoft games bugs. Just my humble opinions of course
  9. I striped the gun down last night as I had a bit of free time. I learned the front section of the outer barrel comes in at 7" which is two inches past the front of the hand guard. To split it you are going to need a heat gun / hairdryer as you'll need a fair amount of heat to help; and a couple of rubber strap wrenches for both sections (Grab some from eBay, they are pretty inexpensive. Item number: 272456669221 to give you an idea). These are required after I found out via researching; Krytac put thread locking glue on the threads from factory, so the rubber wrenches are both for grip and to prevent marring your barrel finish as you put the pressure on to break the seal. So I reckon I'll need a 4" extension off the top of my head; also the KX3 comes in at roughly 2.75" so it'll protrude just that little bit, perfect. However, a small concern is the standard inner barrel comes in at 383mm (15.0787" for reference) which may ending up sitting inside the Noveske and not at the tip of the threaded part. Good excuse for a shorter Prommy 6.03 but first I'll have another measure up to confirm how it'll sit once I'm back in the country. I've ordered the Noveske last night as I'll probably make my life easier confirming how it'll sit and also help out those wanting the same look / effect in future I'm sure. Hopefully by the time I'm back I'll have the Noveske and will be able to update this thread. (Pics or didn't happen right?)
  10. Awesome stuff! Thanks Hangtight, much appreciated
  11. When I got mine from land warrior I put my name down with them in order to secure it. Might be worth giving it a go as the put one aside for me. But as others have said, be patient. I too know the feel of wanting your new pew pew now but the Krytac is worth it imo.
  12. *borat voice* Very nice how much? I'm probably being ignorant, but how much was the mask. Have to say the details are brilliant, I'm going to be getting my gun done once I've sorted my barrel situation out!
  13. Thank you for replying and mmmm now that's what I'm talking about! To be fair I have a namazu flat hop and prommy purple on the way to try out, so if it yields the results I'm after, a barrel may be off the list. Anyway, do they do very short barrel extensions as I know the Krytac outer to be two half's, or am I going to need a whole new outer? The extensions I've come across will put me almost back to where I started from what I can work out!?
  14. I have spent the better part of two days trying to figure out how to go about doing this. But to be honest, I think it's probably best if I throw the question out there to the more knowledgeable, and hopefully get some better traction. Having gone through a little bit of a mission carefully planning some internal upgrades for my Krytac; yes I know..... but namely the motor (current is the 20k), 6.03 barrel and a Gate / BTC mosfet, I'm now looking at externals. Basically, how do I go about putting a Noveske sound amp on my SPR, but, making sure it's either slightly inside the rail or somewhat flush with it. Now I could just throw it on, but the standard SPR flash hider is on the end of the barrel that protrudes the guard by a good few inches, and IMO will will look no where near as nice as the below. Anyway for those that might be confused, like this, paying more attention to the first image: Thanks in advance guys
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