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    Umarex UMP 45 / CYMA G18
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    Fully Loaded Plate Harness Rig - Multicam / RH - Coyote Tan
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    long walks on the beach, extreme ironing, dominos and pooh sticks

    please take this as humour... I'm not a boring tw*t

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  1. such a sh*tty weekend... spent all weekend in hospital to be told I've got a blood clot on my lung and a kidney infection to then find out Royal Mail have lost my Lipo charger!

    1. Sico


      Sorry to hear that mate, wish you fast recovery and good health.

    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Hope everything works out ok, with ya health screw RM bell-ends. If still no joy gis a shout sir

    3. ak2m4


      Holy f**k, what a pisser a lost lipo!!....Just kidding dude, hope you get better soon...

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