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    Fully Loaded Plate Harness Rig - Multicam / RH - Coyote Tan
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    long walks on the beach, extreme ironing, dominos and pooh sticks

    please take this as humour... I'm not a boring tw*t
  1. Got discharged from the hospital yesterday, I've now got pneumonia!

  2. such a sh*tty weekend... spent all weekend in hospital to be told I've got a blood clot on my lung and a kidney infection to then find out Royal Mail have lost my Lipo charger!

    1. Sico


      Sorry to hear that mate, wish you fast recovery and good health.

    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Hope everything works out ok, with ya health screw RM bell-ends. If still no joy gis a shout sir

    3. ak2m4


      Holy f**k, what a pisser a lost lipo!!....Just kidding dude, hope you get better soon...

  3. V12's have been out of issue for a while now, although they are still amazing quality. I just find the Revisions more comfortable and fit better with a lower mesh mask
  4. Best eye-pro to get if you're looking for goggles are Revision Bullet Ant's they're used by our troops (trust me!) they retail from their website for around $160 but you can get them from ebay / surplus stores for around £25. I've shot a spare lens from 2cm away with a .25g @ 310fps and it didn't even leave a mark!
  5. has anyone used mad bull 0.12's before?

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    2. AK47frizzle


      they'll shatter in the hop up when you fire them, i've had that before :/

    3. jcheeseright


      might as well fire miniature ping pong balls... that's the accuracy you can expect!


    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      here is a chart with useful comparisons of weights on - probably bollox but shows .25 go the same distance if not more than .20's

      http://www.airrattle.com/v/vspfiles/assets/images/bb weight article chart pic.jpg

      on .12's it would equate to $hit x crap x waste of time = bb distance

  6. well I skirmish say once a month, so I don't want to fork out loads for something I'd use occasionally, my budget is around £300
  7. I was eyeing up a G&G cm16 srxl, I've not heard a bad thing about the G&G line compared to UMAREX I know what one is rather have
  8. Cheers Hef! Also how long would that last? Would 2 suffice for a game day?
  9. when it comes to Lipo I've read up time and time again on how the C rating works however... when it comes to choosing one I'm not sure which Lipo to really get! I plan on purchasing the G&G Firehawk, I've read up that their only really to be used with a 7.4v Lipo no mention on the Mah or C rating, I'd like a little guidance as to what Lipo can this gun run comfortabley! Any help is appreciated!
  10. is there an adoption home for guns that never sell? got a feeling I'll have to send mine there soon!

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      if decent keep it as backup or parts

      if $hit - ergh it is $hit I'm afraid

    3. ak2m4


      Market forces Heps, reduce the price on that blue beast

    4. Hudson


      Send it my way; I'll give it a home.


      You pay postage, k? ;)

  11. Is a stock CM16 SRXL compatible with an 11.1V Lipo? I've read up it is only recommended yet I've read that you can use 9.6v NimH batteries? help!

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      11.1v 20c will be fine, search up predator ETU problem for best 11.1v from component shop. Just don't change motor to beefy one and 11.1v 20c will be fine

    3. Heps_417


      really? i was informed it was only to use a 11.1v 15c? not sure what to go for now!

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      15c is pussy, 20c is quite docile tbh, 25c I ran in my FFR but it said whoaaaa when I shoved in a beefy motor the lame wires n module can't take it captain she's gonna blow. And she did, ripped the poxy ETU out in the end

  12. mine gets chrono'd upside down, only because they put a few bb's in there instead of a good 50+
  13. how long does it take for UKARA to give your membership / ID? Also would they email to inform you? Not sure on how it's all done!

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    2. rc540


      from what i hear from my customer, sites can chase for up to a month to get you a number.

    3. Josh95


      for me it was instant

    4. slick


      Once I got the form stamped by the site took it to a Ukara retailer. They put me on the system there and then , got the confirmation email shortly after


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