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  1. The results are in. It turns out one of the gears had been shredded. They dont know how and have covered it under warranty. However i have had to pay £20 for delivery...when i get it back i will update you on how it performs
  2. So far they have recieved it (i had to pay for return shipping). However thry didnt call me to say they had. I called to see of they had a look at it yet, to which they havnt but are already saying they think it is user error......not sure how they can say that wothout looking into it!! I will keep you posted but so far o am not impressed. Apparently it will take around 2 weeks before they have a look at it!
  3. Yea i go once a month as a rule. I eill have alook now. Tmzero one airaoft said they will have alook at it but are already trying to charge me even though its under warranty. Alot of people are telling me they are trying to get out of stuff like this
  4. Hi all, My g36 all of a sudden stopped working sunday. It was like the battery was flat trying to fire but not enough power. I tried 3 batteries in it and ots doing all the same and they were all charged. I believe the gearbox maybe jammed and someone had a listen and saod this also. However has anyone else come across this before? Its a v3 gearbox and they are meant tl be pretty good so i dont know why its failed after 4 months. Any help appreciated
  5. So on Sunday i decided to give these another try. To my suprise they were actually worse than last time! The lrice was £35 for a walk on so o thought they might have extra marshalls since last or even cleaned up some areas. However thos was nt the case. The main marshall Pete must of been bullied while serving in the military as his ego could of filled the site and he speaks to everyone like rubbish. I usually go to a rift site and you can tell the difference on the caliber of players as well. There was alot of people not taking hits. Dead men talking in front of marshalls giving away positions. Now im not saying all as there were a few good people. They are still using pyros in rooms where they know its easy to catch fire as they were making a joke in the morning about a fake santa going up and in the afternoon ot nearly happened again. Over all i would not recommend this site and i will not go to future sites unless they change the staff. The only good thing was lunch was provided but nlt worth the 10 pound difference between alot of other sites.
  6. Hey guys. Pretty new to airsoft but I've played enough to get registered. However I need some advice I have just bought and used for the first time yesterday a ares g36c. It's only kicking out 270 - 280 fps when the shop I bought it from said on would get at least 310. Also my hop up keeps jamming and it seems to be stuck as I cannot adjust it. Any advice or should I just ask to return it and get another one?
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