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  1. Maybe this video [click] will provide some answers. My personal preference would be for the WE.
  2. An update. I ended up ordering a KJWorks G23 which cost £67.50 and was delivered this morning. However I purchased that particular pistol because it was supposed to have a metal slide but the one I have received has a plastic slide and outer barrel. Should I send it back or is the plastic slide version actually better than the metal slide version?
  3. @Sitting Duck Thanks very much for the info on the M23 and the offer of the GG-105 but I'm after a gas blowback. I purchased a Umarex GBB air pistol a couple of years ago and since then it's like there's something missing when shooting my other non-GBB pistols. I realise I could get better gas efficiency, distance and accuracy with a non-GBB but I'll put up with all that for the fun factor.
  4. I don't need a defence or license to buy an air pistol (replica or not) unless it's over 16 Joules (I think) in power in which case I'd need a firearms license. However for a retailer to sell me an airsoft pistol that is a replica, even one that is less than 0.5 Joules in power, they require (by law) I provide a valid reason for why I want it and shooting tin cans in the garden (or living room) is not a valid reason whereas shooting people at a skirmish site is. As I'm a bit long in the tooth to take up skirmishing and I'm not an actor or crown servant who needs a realistic looking airsoft weapon I'm stuck with two-tone.
  5. Thanks for all the advice - I'll be sure to shoot safely and insist on eye protection for myself and anyone else in the vicinity including the cat. I've had a chance to do a bit of browsing and my interest has been piqued by a WELL G193 for about £75 - £85, is it any good or should I look for something else? - I don't want to spend too much at the moment just in case the wife puts the kibosh on shooting guns indoors. Several places sell it are there any that I should definitely stay clear of?
  6. Yes, I'm sure they can be quite dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. To put it in perspective some of my air arms are capable of drilling holes through inch thick pine but even the lower power ones are dangerous indoors, the lead pellet ones due to the initial impact energy and the steel BB one due to the rebound energy they retain. Plastic BB's, although still dangerous are far safer in comparison.
  7. Ah! TM = Tokyo Marui - thanks. I have thought about electric pistols but from what I have seen & heard they come across as being a bit toy like. I don't have a 100mtr lounge but hopefully, should mobility and weather improve, I'd like to use it at longer distances outside on occasions.
  8. Thanks for the advice - yes, protecting the cat is paramount - the wife can look after herself Excuse my ignorance but what is a TM pistol?
  9. Some background - I'm 70+ and have been shooting airpistols/rifles since I was 10 - yes, they did make them back then. I have a large (1.5 acre) rear garden where I enjoy target shooting and plinking at cans etc. Lately however, due to mobility issues (not to mention the British weather) I have been unable to get outside as much as I would like so want to bring my hobby indoors. Now I'm not too happy (and the wife is dead against) having high speed metal projectiles flying across the living room, possibly rebounding and killing the cat so I have decided to go down the airsoft route (might blind the cat but probably won't kill it). Now I can legally pop into any firearms dealer and buy a high powered automatic airpistol which is almost indistinguishable in look to the real thing. However, for me to buy a less dangerous airsoft version of the same pistol I either must have a UKARA # or buy a two-tone version. I'm not going to be getting a UKARA # any day soon - I really can't see myself running around muddy fields shooting at people and getting shot at (!!) so my only option is to buy a two-tone. There seems to be much less choice of two-tone GBB pistols available compared to black versions, two-tones also appear to be more expensive. There is also a plethora of internet retailers none of which I know anything about. I could spend time researching and google the information I need but at 70+ my time is limited so I'm hoping one or two of you experienced airsofters can help me out a bit and give me advice on: Retailers to use/avoid? Best (cheapish) GBB pistol to get? CO2 or Green gas? To help you help me - one pistol that ticks all the boxes [or appears to] for me is the WE M84FS Cheetah (I have the Umarex steel BB version) but can't seem to find it in two-tone or at a decent price - Let me know if you know where I could get one or if a different gun would be better value. If you've taken the time to read all of this you have the patience of a saint - thankyou.
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