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  1. thinking bout getting a Sig 551........

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    2. Randymanpipe


      Oooooh! Have you changed any of the internals? Is it a bit hot out of the box for uk fps? What set up you got for yours? Did you go all black or black/dark earth? :D

    3. ImTriggerHappy


      If you buy from firesupport it will be ok for uk sites.

      Changed everything internally the only original bit is the body and stock and that will be replaced as soon as I can get a real receiver. I just have a red dot,afg and ammo counter/tracer unit on it. Its all black dont like the tan version.

      Its a good gun very accurate, about 20rps and reliable and no real reason to change anything from stock.

    4. Randymanpipe


      Nice, sounds great! Reason for 551 was the longer barrel, I got a CQB set up, wanted to get a mid range woodland loadout next. Love the look of the 551/552 always have done. Love all the rail space on the new 551.

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