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  1. WE SCAR H GBBR isn't feeding all the time.


    Has anyone got any ideas?

    (The nozzle looks fine and this has been tried with 3 different magazines and different amounts of gas)


    Sometimes the BB wont come out the barrel, but will be stuck in the chamber, but other times, the BB wont come out of the barrel but wont even be in the chamber?


    Really would appreciate some help if anybody knows? 



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    2. PT247


      aye hop bucking may be torn or your hop nub may be sitting wrong.

    3. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      Perfect - I've ordered a new bucking so hopefully this sorts it, nozzle seems fine the feeding bit isn't broken so should be the hop unit

    4. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      UPDATE: I took the hop up unit apart and removed the rubber and nub, I then replaced the rubber but left the nub out just to make sure there was no hop on.


      It fed fine! No hop up obviously but I've ordered a new hop rubber and nub so this should sort it.

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