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  1. Anyone got a photo of the G&G 0.25g BBs in brown or green?

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    2. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      I told off for taunting people by trying to hit bb's back at them with my gun stock at my local woodland. Talked it out with those offended in the safe zone after and was then i discovered they were using 0.35, and then i decided they were just too slow at that weight, and only worthwhile at range and if the person hadn't seen/heard you shoot at them (sniper antics)

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Airsoft Neo from The Matrix does exist then on heavier bb's

    4. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      Just don't tell anyone else or they'll all start using 0.2-0.25 again

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