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  1. I've been looking to buy this rifle a bit worried now after reading this. How much is the recommend MOSFET and can someone provide a link please.
  2. I'm stumped I've been looking at the g&g top tech t418 as I heard very good thing about it. But also one very bad. Can I please get some advice on this weapon and others. I'm after a m4/16 with upgrades available and pref full metal. Im new to airsoft but pretty good at tinkering with things so the technical stuff doesn't worry me at all. Any advice and opinions would be much appreciated Thanks
  3. I hope more people can give some advice on this rifle as right now I'm really confused lols
  4. That's strange did you maybe just get a bad one or older version? It's just cause all the reviews I've read and watched rate it very highly. I know the £300 odd price tag is quite high but from what I've heard the top tech stuff is very good and accurate with impressive range.
  5. Where's the best place to get them from
  6. Thanks for the reply. What mags do u use? Looking for the same 450rd ones it comes with but struggling to find them. Unless you know of any other good ones that don't cost the earth lol. Do you have the long or short version? It's just I heard the long barrel can just be unscrewed turned into the short version. Do u know if this is true? Thanks for the warning about the mosfet. I'll be sure to get a 7.4 lipo
  7. Hi I'm pretty new to airsoft been to a couple of skirmish's and I am now looking for my first gun. The guys at my local shop have recommended g&g very highly. And after reading and watching reviews I've decided I really like the look of the t4-18. Has anyone got one or had any experience with this rifle. Or has anyone got any other suggestions? My budget is £200-£300. As I strongly believe in buy good and buy once. I would prefer full metal and blow back. And needs to have good upgrades/attachments available Thanks in advance
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