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  1. Thanks but I don't have a clue if it's TM compatible, I'm fairly new to airsoft... Is there any way I can find out? from markings etc.. Cheers
  2. Don't have a clue :/ that's why I asked if anyone knew of one that would.
  3. Hello everyone, I just picked this up (https://jdairsoft.net/we-apache-2-fixed-stock-version) super cheap and was wondering if anyone knows if there is any RIS that will fit the gun? I had a quick Google and only one result seems to looks like someone has put some on it (http://www.airsoftnews.fr/2014/01/24/we-airsoft-mp5-a2-ris-gaz-blowback-apache-a2-ris/), but I can't see any mention of the actual RIS apart from 'declination RIS' which doesn't return anything on Google unless it's lost in translation. If you know one that would fit the gun it would be appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Yep well I'm gonna pick up something a bit cheaper then as like you said I might end up preferring another play style...
  5. Well you have probably made up my mind now then if in 6 months I want a much better gun I'm not held back by that I've spent so much money on it.
  6. Yes I would say I've caught the bug! I've been a few times and just about to get my ukara when I go to my local site this Friday, ideally I'm looking to get as much as possible from patrol base as its my local shop. I the issue before was I had bugger all money to get started with, now that isn't a massive issue so I was gonna get something really good. But I reckon your right to start off just a tad smaller then I can get pistol, attachments etc. All at once. So you would recommend CM then? Or is there anything that a bit better for not much more
  7. The problem is cause its my first gun I'd rather not be pissing round just to get it to work how it was intended. I have less clue now than before I asked the question! Lol...
  8. Things like this put me off it ;/ I'd rather spend the money on something more expensive in that case then
  9. Cheers, I'll have a proper look when I get home and see if they take my fancy
  10. By picky are you meaning they will only work with there mags? So more expensive/harder to get hold of? The T418 is one I'm looking at after the recommendations. The DEVGRU is a tad expensive I would have sacrifice the gbb pistol and some other kit to get that ;/
  11. Which one? Had a little search this morning and there seemed to be quite a few different variants. The TR16/T418 ?
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