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  1. Is this legal to buy without UKARA? http://www.airgunbuyer.com/details.asp?cat=CO2&SubCat=CO2%20Pistols&Product=3547 obviously not realistic, but not two tone either. Maybe this is my answer...
  2. Have a couple of air pistols ( springer & pnuematic ) and air rifles including HPA converted co2's, just wanted to try the 6mm airsoft. Not looking to dodge the VCRA but enquiring if UKARA is the only option available. If thats all thats available then I will abandon the idea as skirmishing is not something I fancy doing. Accuracy and consistency are always the key, and working on my technique goes on.... As will working on my own guns.
  3. I'm fine with anyone enjoying the game, and even those that are happy with two tone, but for me it's about personal preference not to skirmish, and yes to have a realistic looking pistol for target shooting. Been a "proper target shooter" for over 30 years, and always been happy with black or for the correct term blued steel. Thanks for the input, sadly none of it helpful.
  4. Nice looking piece of kit. Sadly I'm an all black kind of guy, conservative old git I know....
  5. I suppose that rule could be applied to those that skirmish.. Would you apply it to those that do? Maybe they should all be two tone? I would rather the pistol look less like a toy, because it ain't a toy.
  6. Located near warrington in the north west of england, and can only play out at weekends due to work commitments.
  7. Every retailer I've contacted says "no way, not selling without ukara". Looking at the KJW KP05 with both power sources, but looking is all I seem to be able to do.
  8. I do a lot of air rifle shooting, but want to get back to some 'rapid' target shooting with a pistol. It appears to be impossible to do this with airsoft, is their another form of defence other than UKARA and skirmishing? Don't want to do steel BB's, and already tried .177 pellet pistols which is nothing like the good old days of my 9mm. The laws an ass
  9. thanks, had a few CO2 pellet pistols, and fancied something a little different. Wish I knew what a race gun was? I do like modding, done several HPA converted rifles
  10. Hi All, Long time gun enthusiast who now wants to give Airsoft a try.. I'm looking to get a pistol for use at an indoor airgun range and my own enclosed garden and need advice on what is available. I would like something field strippable, reliable and above all fun to use, what can you recommend? Had a ticket back in the good old days of legally held semi auto hand guns, god I miss those days.
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