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New to airsoft

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Hey guys im new to all this but one of my friends said i should come along to some skirmishes with him.

I would love to snipe so i've rounded up a few guns and would like some help on which to get, im only 14 so they have to be two tone. I would like a main weapon (sniper) and secondary weapon ( thinking of a shotugn).


First off its between the DE M50 Sniper or Warrior MB-01 L96 or the A&K Dragunov (obviousley i would have to wait for stock to come in)

Now out of those 3 which is best? On the M50 and the L96 you can get a package with scope and mounts etc but with the dragunov i would have to buy them separate.


And is this M56 Tactical shotgun any good? I would use this for CQC if anyone came up close, or would i be better getting a Cyma Glock or a R9 P90 or a Cyma MP5


Thanks for any help, suggestions appreciated :)

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