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Full Face Mesh Masks

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Does anybody have a full face mesh mask, like the Army of Two or Skeleton one, I'm just wondering which one to get based on which one sticks out and bashes on the gun the most when aiming down sights?


Also does anyone know where they sell the Army of Two masks?


Thanks in advance, Cameron!!!


I know this is double posting but, has anyone ever bought from this supplier and also what do you reckon is the best looking mask on her, preferably £20-30?


EDIT: From HERE! , Either an Army of Two mask or something similar, none of just the mesh masks, like the mesh hoods.

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Ohh Yeh, forgot to put the link in, two seconds!


Original Post Changed!


I know I shouldn't but BUMP, I'm looking to buy a mask pretty soon others wise it may not arrive in time if the postage f*cks up.


Here is the link again: Ant Airsoft Supplies


Are they reputable,

Can they be trusted,

Which mask is the best (Army of Two or Skeleton Style),

Which one will protect your ears the most?


Thanks in advance!

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