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Problems with A&K M4 and Well MB01

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Thanks for name change :D



Problem One:

I have an A&K M4, it's completely stock. I've done nothing to it apart from clean it and fixed the mag release.


It's only been apart once, when X-Site downgraded it for me when I bought it, but has been fine until now.

Today, at MAW, I let my dad borrow it as I was sniping. I used a converter (small - large Tamiya) as the crane stock batteries died.


In the morning, it was using an 8.4v, 1100mah battery which was fully charged with smart charger yesterday, this worked fine.

At lunch, I changed the battery to an identical one, which had also been fully charged. Half way through the afternoon, the battery just stopped.

Was firing full auto, suddenly misfired twice and then stopped. Pulling the trigger caused the motor to just click (as if it's trying to pull the spring back but can only move it a couple millimetres). It does this on full or semi-auto.

I switched to a 9.6v 1600mah battery for the rest of the day - worked fine.


Just tried the battery (the one that seemed to have died) in another gun (my step-dad's G&G) and in my A&K M4 - it works perfectly fine.

If I try the battery before I try a different one, it doesn't work.


Basically my gun will suddenly kill batteries, require a different one, and then work with the previously killed one.

Any Ideas what could be causing this and any way to sort it?





Problem Two:

I have the Well MB01 (L96) I have only used it three games, each with a four week interval. First one it was shooting 478fps average, second one it was 478fps average, third one (today) it was 429fps average.


I thought at first I had left the velocity reducer in the piston head (I hollowed this out to increase it from 270fps) and haven't had chance to test it.

I hadn't left that in.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what could have caused such a drop in FPS, over a four week period with very little use?

And any way to sort it? I'm thinking I'll need to get a new spring to get it to it's original ~480fps, which one would I need?





Thanks for any help.

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Okay, would I need a new piston etc as well, or will the stock one be okay?

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You might want to check your compression, a dried out O-ring would definitely affect the seal negatively and could explain the FPS drop.


The battery situation, I can only think it wasn't charged properly and because of the different power requirements for different motors your A&K M4 couldn't cycle with it, but the G&G could, most likely due to a lower power requirement.


That's all I can think of right now

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I just took the L96 apart (completely) and sprayed with silicone everywhere that needs it. Took apart the piston and sprayed the spring etc, cleaned out the barrel. Hopefully this will make some difference.



Could be that, but after I put it in the G&G (without charging in between) I put it back in the A&K and it works fine?

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